Song Parodies: We Can’t Stop

Sometimes songs are catchy…

sometimes music videos are weird…

sometimes the mixture of both is just asking for someone to make fun of it.

…and I love it when this happens.

This week’s most attacked song has been We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus. (Someone mentioned that Miley’s new song was different, so I got curious and gave it a listen- I’m not a fan…then when I saw the  music video: WTF)

The music video was just asking for it…

1) My favorite, put dogs anywhere and its just great.

2) I’m subscribed to many YouTubers so personally this collab was just great, in a messed up way, but great.

3) This was odd, I love who did it though: BLT Parody

4) SD Parody

And sometimes there are also covers- and I was surprised to hear Rebecca Black (She sang: It’s Friday, Friday…) doing a cover- a good cover of this song too.

Viral song. Not a good song. BUT viral.

Sometimes we fall into the misconception of thinking we ‘like’ the song, but the reality is that radios overplay it, the parodies online ensue, the covers are uploaded and we hear it and hear it…AND hear it up to the point that we fall into believing we actually like it. I still don’t like this song, but I’m not denying that it has been stuck in my head for the past two days.



Paying to Subscribe?

I’ve mentioned before how I am obsessed with Youtube. It is the number one tool to procrastinate, mindlessly waste time, sometimes you find some very artistic people and just envy their talent.

I came across the fact that youtube is planning to charge for subscriptions. I believe they are running a pilot with about 50 channels right now. I could rant forever about it but I found a video that basically describes all my thoughts on the subject. (Click Here)

As much as I love YouTube and finding funny and talented people I can’t imagine paying to see their videos, people who go on YouTube (myself included) go to procrastinate, waste some time or find a random tutorial about…well anything. Bottom line is that it is not a service that we NEED to have.

New Social Media?

So the reason I have started this blog is because I don’t have the guts to Vlog…I am obsessed with Youtube and Youtubers who actually take the time to post and edit videos to post out there. Thank you 🙂

Youtube has become part of the New social media out there and the way you can notice is that this generation’s attention span can only last for about the duration of a youtube video. I highly doubt that anyone wants to watch tv and wait until the actual news come on or the segment when you find out about the actor that eloped during the weekend. In Youtube you can just search that AND you can scroll up to the part you actually want to see. Also, new television out there is of less quality every new season. Some of the shows I watch now (granted- I’m kinda behind on all of them: blame youtube and the LSAT) are shows that I know are crappy and all I can do is wait for the channel to replace them with a crappier version. Ex. Heroes Season 3/4 to Alphas. (Both cancelled…)

Now for my point, when I hear that reporters on TV cannot seem to understand the beauty of Youtubers and the way Youtube works…it really upsets me. Ok, so this is specifically about something that happened  about a month ago. (I think?) I just cannot understand why this divide is being created between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ social media. The Youtuber has connected with a younger generation and news…well.

Hello new generation.