Contests on TV: You Get to Decide! Vote now!

I’m not a fan of contest shows on TV, but if I end up watching one or two episodes just because its on. I’m doomed. I fall into a black hole of hoping my favorite acts go through and my least favorites get kicked off.

In most TV contests there is that point where the judges let the country vote and “You get to decide!” At this point, the person that goes through may not necessarily be the talent but instead is the most popular. Sometimes being the popular act does not equal being the act with the most talent.

Also, with the public voting how can we be sure all the votes are going in. Long time ago, I heard that in an old season of American Idol the phone lines get so clogged that everyone was sure that all votes weren’t necessarily going in. People now a days can vote through the website of whichever show they are watching, thru twitter and in some contests also thru the phone.

The main reason I don’t like these contests is because they are beyond our control, shouldn’t the winner of any contests be the one that has the best talent, best voice or greatest potential to be something. Not the one that has the most friends and is able to get their hometown to vote for them.


Who has had a tv show that they got hooked…and loved…and then got cancelled? Don’t you hate it when that happens? You wait for the next episode or if you’re lucky you finish a season and hope to see what happens next. That season never comes, that episode never comes. You google it and that sad word appears next to the title of your show: CANCELLED.

Here’s my sad list of shows I’ll never know what would have happened:

-Kings (Why!? It was so good and who knows where it could have gone)

-Pushing Daisies (Everything felt like it came out from a story book, and Jim Dale was the narrator (Harry Potter audiobooks anyone?) Technically it had an ending, but it was rushed so it doesn’t really count)

-Heroes (Alright- this show was going down. The quality and plotline was going down after the writer’s strike in season 2. I still loved it though)

-Out of Practice (This show upsets me, it technically never was cancelled there was a slot for the fall that was filled with The New Adventures of Old Christine (ugh) and then there was no slot open for Out of Practice. They said they would find a slot because it was doing well, it never happened. Sad.)

-GCB (a guilty pleasure…got cancelled because a lot of people protested it was making the church look bad)

-Whitney and Joey (Both funny, but lacked something and went down)

Then there’s the shows I watched one episode and then decided I’ll watch them when I have more time from the beginning. Later, I found out they got cancelled: Firefly, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Veronica Mars, Go On, The Secret Circle, etc.

Don’t you hate the fact that the people in charge of deciding what shows get cancelled don’t care if there is a following and how disappointed these people will be once they find out that last scene is the last thing their favorite characters will do. Shouldn’t there be a requirement that for the DVD they’ll film a ending or explain in an interview where the show would have gone? Give the audience that closure.