Contests on TV: You Get to Decide! Vote now!

I’m not a fan of contest shows on TV, but if I end up watching one or two episodes just because its on. I’m doomed. I fall into a black hole of hoping my favorite acts go through and my least favorites get kicked off.

In most TV contests there is that point where the judges let the country vote and “You get to decide!” At this point, the person that goes through may not necessarily be the talent but instead is the most popular. Sometimes being the popular act does not equal being the act with the most talent.

Also, with the public voting how can we be sure all the votes are going in. Long time ago, I heard that in an old season of American Idol the phone lines get so clogged that everyone was sure that all votes weren’t necessarily going in. People now a days can vote through the website of whichever show they are watching, thru twitter and in some contests also thru the phone.

The main reason I don’t like these contests is because they are beyond our control, shouldn’t the winner of any contests be the one that has the best talent, best voice or greatest potential to be something. Not the one that has the most friends and is able to get their hometown to vote for them.


Questioning Creativity

I’ve always been fascinated with what is behind imagination and the process of creating something based on an idea you have. People dedicate their lives to be writers, artists, inventors all careers that are based on the idea of creating something out of thin air. How do people do this? I know its probably talent or some quality some of us lack, but how is it that they can dedicate their life to ‘creating’ and not run out of ideas? Yes, there’s writers block- but most overcome it and continue.

When I was a kid, I was artistic and had talent. I participated in national painting contests and won an award once. I say I had talent because now when I attempt to draw I fail miserably. I have a theory that if I would have pursued it further and not stopped when I was 15 or 16 I would still have talent. Is it possible that if you don’t use it, you loose it?

Then again, while I wrote my thesis in college I learned Van Gogh never painted until he was older but he knew he could paint. He knew it was in him to be good. (Such an understatement, Vincent)

This brings me back to my original idea. Where does creativity and imagination come from and how is it that people are able to live off their talent as creators?