Forever a Kid

Today I went to see Monsters University.  Let me rephrase that, my 23-year-old friend and this 23-year-old person that is currently typing this post went to see a movie for kids…and loved it.

I also have to mention we spotted an elderly couple in the theater, which was adorable.

Why is it that no matter your age you can still go watch a children’s movie and feel like a kid for those 90 minutes? I don’t think there is any other movie genre where you can feel like that.

Monsters University is such a good children’s movie. The first good thing about it is that you don’t have to see the first one to understand the second. I saw the first one (Monsters Inc) years ago, and it was just as good as this one. Also, the humor in the movie is for all ages. Sometimes movies for kids focus on finding ways to charm their young audience that they loose the older audience (aka the parents that have to take their kids).  It is such a wonderful experience when you see a movie and its well made and at the same time so heartwarming.

Alright, I just had to share that I’m old and still enjoy watching kids movies.

“You suck…”

Inspiration for this post came along because I came across a blog post that didn’t like a Youtuber. He or she didn’t only not like but hate…and say because this person has a lot of subscribers then ‘God must not exist.’

It reminded me when I was 15 and was just learning about online forums, Youtube and other chats where you could share the type of music you like. (Yeah, sketchy online places- nonetheless I was entertained.) These sites would require you to fill out a profile, write down your tastes in music and any other hobbies you may have. Then you could join groups. This was my first interaction with: “You like that? That band/artist sucks.” “I hope he/she dies.”

Hater comments. Yes.

I’m the type of person who likes reading comments in a video I watch or reviews about anything really. I’d like for someone to explain to me why people take the time to write “You suck” (actually I’ve read worst things but they all essentially say the same.) Most of them have no rationale behind the hate.

1) If you hate it, then why are you watching/reading/listening to it.

2) Please tell me why you hate it and don’t reply because he or she is fat, gay or sucks. (Gay is not an insult, but it seems to be a to-go answer to many hater comments).

3) Going back to the blog post I read. I’m unsure how going to extremes helps your hate post. I realize it’s a blog post and I’m ranting as well, but its one thing to say “I don’t like what you do and don’t understand why you have followers,” than to say “If you have followers then God must not exist and the world is going to end…” No, that’s not what the quote said but that’s what a hater comment feels like to me.

4) This is the one that actually scares me. Why would you wish bad to someone you don’t know. I’ve read some comments of what I’m guessing are 12-15 year olds saying they wish *blank* dies or in this one instance I found a video that was dedicated to a drummer that passed and how “he deserved what he got.” Please explain to me how that is right? and how youtube didn’t flag this?

Ever since I had that first encounter online with the type of people that just love to troll to hate on videos, music, books, etc- I’ve been puzzled to understand why would you waste your time on this instead of doing something you like. I don’t know it may just be me.