I Miss…

Oldies!Sometimes I miss the time when we used CDs. The excitement when we had to go to the store, purchase the CD and wait until we were back home to take off the plastic wrap and open that precious box. Looking at the design on the CD and putting it in your CD player. While the songs played, you could grab the booklet and lay on your bed while experiencing your new purchase.

I can’t say I miss VHS, who wants to spend 5 minutes waiting for the video to rewind? I do miss when there was something on TV we would grab a VHS and quickly press ‘record.’ Now, the thought is “hey, I’ll youtube it later…”

Books. I miss when having books was the most normal thing in the world. Yes, they still exist but now everyone is slowly changing to Kindles, Nooks and IPads. I have a Nook, I read on it every now and then but honestly it is not the same. Personally, walking in a bookstore or library is one of the most relaxing things I can do. It is sad that bookstores are becoming a rare thing.  They don’t make it easier for us book lovers either, book prices are higher than Nook or Kindle ones.

Times start changing and things change. The problem is…are we ready for these changes and are these changes actually good for us? CDs are hardcover copies of what people still buy online. At the same time, DVDs are more practical than VHS. About 1000 books fit in a small machine like a Kindle or Nook; but are they beneficial for younger generations to grow up not knowing what a book is and reading from a screen rather than paper? Is our society really progressing or will all this progress really have other side effects we don’t realize until later on?