Stay Classy, San Diego

I am 9 years late to watching this movie. I have seen shows, shirts, gifs, youtubers, friends, etc at some point reference to it and since I never saw it I obviously didn’t get any of the jokes.

Movie PosterHonestly, Will Ferrell movies fall into the 50/50 chance that I’ll like it or I won’t get why he’s considered hysterical. So, this movie wasn’t exactly on the top of my list of movies “to watch.” But, I do love Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell and Christina Applegate. So I was going to eventually watch it.

Weeks ago, I saw the trailer for part two that will be in theaters in December. I thought it was funny so here I am writing this after I just watched Anchorman.

I’ll admit it was funny. I laughed. The whole concept was something that is not often explored in comedy. Usually we get the present-day type of deal, but setting this movie in the 70’s was the key. The other problem that movies filled with many funny actors is that sometimes they sort of block each other, but this also was not the case. They all brought in laughs and they all were funny at their own time.

I am interested in seeing what happens in the sequel. The cast for the sequel is just an explosion of funny people and that alone is setting the bar high. At the same time, we all know what to expect of sequels and hope that they don’t over-do it.

Trailer 2:

Forever a Kid

Today I went to see Monsters University.  Let me rephrase that, my 23-year-old friend and this 23-year-old person that is currently typing this post went to see a movie for kids…and loved it.

I also have to mention we spotted an elderly couple in the theater, which was adorable.

Why is it that no matter your age you can still go watch a children’s movie and feel like a kid for those 90 minutes? I don’t think there is any other movie genre where you can feel like that.

Monsters University is such a good children’s movie. The first good thing about it is that you don’t have to see the first one to understand the second. I saw the first one (Monsters Inc) years ago, and it was just as good as this one. Also, the humor in the movie is for all ages. Sometimes movies for kids focus on finding ways to charm their young audience that they loose the older audience (aka the parents that have to take their kids).  It is such a wonderful experience when you see a movie and its well made and at the same time so heartwarming.

Alright, I just had to share that I’m old and still enjoy watching kids movies.