Standing On the Edge of a Cliff…

Do you ever fear that you’re not good enough to do something? That you’re putting so much effort and so much time into something that even if you do all you can you still will not achieve that thing you want.

I am standing on the edge of a cliff. I am looking straight at the horizon and know it is all going to pass, but there is always that constant feeling that ‘yes you are at the edge of a cliff’ and at any moment you could trip and fall.

This probably means that I have let a standardized test affect me to the point that I am scared that if I can’t get a good enough score in this test, then how am I actually going to survive IF I get into any school?

I graduated about a year ago and feel as though I am losing at this game of life. I look at my social media sites and find that most of the people I know are moving on, getting jobs, married, babies, master degrees, etc. Ok, I only want the degrees but its insane how fast life is moving on, and we’re only in our 20’s.

Life is about being scared and surviving each fear. Right? As much as I’m scared that I won’t be ‘smart enough’ to take this test, I need to try and see what may happen because if I don’t do it out of fear, I will regret it later in my life. What is life if you don’t risk a little pain? Risk standing at the edge of the cliff to see the sunset at the end of the day.