In Defense of Ben Affleck…

Ben Affleck is a good actor. He may have had some bad choices along the way, but nevertheless he is a good actor. Last week, we found out that he was cast to portray Batman in the new Superman (Man of Steel) sequel: Batman Vs. Superman.

How this news was received? People overreacted and even other actors disapproved of this. I was shocked that Affleck got so much hate for one role. Ok, before I start getting hate myself. I’m not particularly excited that he got the role, but I think if he got it the people who cast him saw something that would compliment Cavil’s Superman. Let’s not judge him on the fact that he portrayed Daredevil and that movie failed miserably.

Personally, I didn’t like when Val Kilmer and George Clooney portrayed Batman. Let me clarify the fact that I have only seen Batman in movies and have not read the comics. For me- Batman is a rich man that has a dark side and a sad past.  Simple.

George Clooney is cute and too happy to have a dark side. Val Kilmer’s huge lips would be too distracting under that mask. Once you notice, you can’t stop looking at them! These old movies weren’t as successful as the first ones, right? And then we got over it and welcomed Christian Bale.

Affleck has a little of darkness to him and we know he can do action movies. Daredevil failed because it deviated a lot from the comic. There were probably a lot of other reasons why it failed aside from the main actor. What if this is the role that Affleck gets to redeem himself from his previous superhero portrayal?  Could any of us have known that he would be a great director? No. He was praised with his first attempt with The Town. Then, Argo won an Oscar. Stop spreading around how much you hate the fact that he got cast. We just need to wait and see what happens! Though on the other hand, hey you’re setting the bar low and he can potentially surprise all of us.

If this doesn’t do it then consider the fact that sometimes the actor is just a factor of the final product. Good scripts, shots, directing, editing and effects most of the time outweigh other aspects.