Contests on TV: You Get to Decide! Vote now!

I’m not a fan of contest shows on TV, but if I end up watching one or two episodes just because its on. I’m doomed. I fall into a black hole of hoping my favorite acts go through and my least favorites get kicked off.

In most TV contests there is that point where the judges let the country vote and “You get to decide!” At this point, the person that goes through may not necessarily be the talent but instead is the most popular. Sometimes being the popular act does not equal being the act with the most talent.

Also, with the public voting how can we be sure all the votes are going in. Long time ago, I heard that in an old season of American Idol the phone lines get so clogged that everyone was sure that all votes weren’t necessarily going in. People now a days can vote through the website of whichever show they are watching, thru twitter and in some contests also thru the phone.

The main reason I don’t like these contests is because they are beyond our control, shouldn’t the winner of any contests be the one that has the best talent, best voice or greatest potential to be something. Not the one that has the most friends and is able to get their hometown to vote for them.


How Are You?

The most common question of every social situation: “Hi, how are you?”

The typical response: “Fine thank you.” Or “Good thank you.” Even if you’re not ok, you’ll still reply with “Good” or “Fine” … right?

These two phrases are stuck into our brain as an automatic response. Someone asks, you should reply as if it were automatic without any hesitation. If you hesitate, then you’re weird. Trust me, you get weird looks as if you don’t know how to act as a normal human being.

Why is that? People want to be polite, but they don’t want to hear your problems. If you’re response is anything else aside from good or fine, all you’re left with is an awkward smile and a lame attempt of changing subjects. Of course- every now and then someone will listen if you say not ok, but if its not a family member or you’re closest friend they are most likely thinking what they’re going to do later when you’re spilling your heart out.

Slowly we are losing the ability to feel empathy. We are so involved in our own life that even though we want to sound polite by asking something so simple like “How are you?” we are unable to care for the real response. Even if we go with option two and just say “Hi” or “Hello” it doesn’t sound as polite as “Hi! How are you!?” right?

And then the response. Why is it that we feel that we have to reply with Good or Fine? Yes, sometimes it is the easier route than to say “Well, you know it’s not been a good day,” or “I’m mad,” or any other of the million emotions we all have. Just because we reply with how we are truly feeling it doesn’t mean that we are opening a door for a full blown conversation.  We are just sharing that we are not always ok. 

And with just sharing that “I’m not okay today” reply instead of lying with “Fine”- wouldn’t we feel much better?


Who has had a tv show that they got hooked…and loved…and then got cancelled? Don’t you hate it when that happens? You wait for the next episode or if you’re lucky you finish a season and hope to see what happens next. That season never comes, that episode never comes. You google it and that sad word appears next to the title of your show: CANCELLED.

Here’s my sad list of shows I’ll never know what would have happened:

-Kings (Why!? It was so good and who knows where it could have gone)

-Pushing Daisies (Everything felt like it came out from a story book, and Jim Dale was the narrator (Harry Potter audiobooks anyone?) Technically it had an ending, but it was rushed so it doesn’t really count)

-Heroes (Alright- this show was going down. The quality and plotline was going down after the writer’s strike in season 2. I still loved it though)

-Out of Practice (This show upsets me, it technically never was cancelled there was a slot for the fall that was filled with The New Adventures of Old Christine (ugh) and then there was no slot open for Out of Practice. They said they would find a slot because it was doing well, it never happened. Sad.)

-GCB (a guilty pleasure…got cancelled because a lot of people protested it was making the church look bad)

-Whitney and Joey (Both funny, but lacked something and went down)

Then there’s the shows I watched one episode and then decided I’ll watch them when I have more time from the beginning. Later, I found out they got cancelled: Firefly, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Veronica Mars, Go On, The Secret Circle, etc.

Don’t you hate the fact that the people in charge of deciding what shows get cancelled don’t care if there is a following and how disappointed these people will be once they find out that last scene is the last thing their favorite characters will do. Shouldn’t there be a requirement that for the DVD they’ll film a ending or explain in an interview where the show would have gone? Give the audience that closure.

YA Books: John Green

I know I’m 23 and shouldn’t be reading Young Adult books anymore, but I can’t help it. I’m just saying I’m no longer in the targeted audience. Sometimes these are the books that have the best simple stories and the best messages. I don’t feel anything life changing when I read fiction books that are more for my age. There was only depression after I read One Day or when I read Bringing Down the House all I wanted to do was learn to play blackjack and count cards. Some Young Adult books are just there to entertain, but most of them will have some type of underlying message. I took a Young Adult class during my senior year in college; it was wonderful I had to read The Hunger Games because it was my homework.

Back to the point: I wanted to point out one specific author I have read 3 of his books and probably will read more later on. I’ve written about YouTube multiple times and don’t plan on stopping. One of my first subscriptions was to the VlogBrothers (This was the first video I watched- click) and this is how I found John Green.

Looking For Alaska:

I found a copy of Looking for Alaska when the Borders near me was closing. * sniff * I read it in about a week and loved it, though the story did sound familiar. (Hello young John Green- video) If a book can make me laugh and cry and keep me thinking after I read it, of course it will become one of my favorites. It also won a literary award: Michael L. Printz Award.

An Abundance of Katherines:

This one took me a while to finish it. I’m not going to lie out of the 3 books I’ve read from him this one was my least favorite. By least favorite I just mean I didn’t connect with it as much. It was a fun book to read and funny, John Green has such a talent to put geeky humor into his books.

The Fault in our Stars:

I bought this book because John Green signed each one of the first printing (and posted several videos about it) and even though I didn’t know much about the book at that point I just had to have it. I can’t express how much I loved this book or how much feeling is put into it. You will not only connect to the characters, but love them love them so much it hurts. After I finished it I kept thinking about it and thinking about what we can take away from the story. John managed to make me laugh, make me cry and make me laugh and cry at the same time (I didn’t even know that was possible). Also, it will potentially become a movie. We all know the “the movie won’t be the same as the book” cliché, but still it is something to be excited about because through it more people will be able to find out about the book.

He has also written three other books and I’m sure they are as good as the ones I’ve already read: Will Grayson Will Grayson (with David Levithan), Paper Towns and Let it Snow (with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle).

Mad World: News and Truth

I’m 23 and as such I probably should know more about what is going on in the world. I’ve always had problems following the news and being an informed individual. In an attempt to correct this I subscribed to The Economist, and yes the print version because I absolutely hate reading on my laptop or phone. I don’t know or understand how people do it. I’m not going to lie and say I never read on an electronic gadget, because I do but usually its something that is intended for entertainment and not something that really requires my full attention. Well, back to the point needless to say I fell behind reading the magazines because they arrive every week and I’m a slow reader. I’m still in march. It doesn’t matter how I intend to be informed I still fall behind.

There have been times where I tried to watch news, but then go into an incredible depression stage because let’s face it our world is pretty messed up. Then, you consider that factor of “paranoia” that always seems to be part of the news. Something always seems to be trying to kill us.

What also gives me a headache about the news is the usual never-ending conversation in my head:

“Is the reporter telling me the entire truth, the complete news?”

No, probably not.

“Company has censored something?”

Depending on the major event of the moment, probably.

“Can it be that whatever is not being told right now is part of some bigger news?”


“Am I watching a neutral news channel? Or are they trying to convince me of something unconsciously?”

I blame my high school teacher for this, he taught us by showing clips of The O’Reilly Factor, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I’ll always remember him telling us “Don’t just to listen the news, but question what the news is saying.” If I want to be what the world defines as an informed individual should I be listening/watching or reading news or am I just purposely being misinformed because I’ll never know the truth 100%?

Questioning Creativity

I’ve always been fascinated with what is behind imagination and the process of creating something based on an idea you have. People dedicate their lives to be writers, artists, inventors all careers that are based on the idea of creating something out of thin air. How do people do this? I know its probably talent or some quality some of us lack, but how is it that they can dedicate their life to ‘creating’ and not run out of ideas? Yes, there’s writers block- but most overcome it and continue.

When I was a kid, I was artistic and had talent. I participated in national painting contests and won an award once. I say I had talent because now when I attempt to draw I fail miserably. I have a theory that if I would have pursued it further and not stopped when I was 15 or 16 I would still have talent. Is it possible that if you don’t use it, you loose it?

Then again, while I wrote my thesis in college I learned Van Gogh never painted until he was older but he knew he could paint. He knew it was in him to be good. (Such an understatement, Vincent)

This brings me back to my original idea. Where does creativity and imagination come from and how is it that people are able to live off their talent as creators?

New Social Media?

So the reason I have started this blog is because I don’t have the guts to Vlog…I am obsessed with Youtube and Youtubers who actually take the time to post and edit videos to post out there. Thank you 🙂

Youtube has become part of the New social media out there and the way you can notice is that this generation’s attention span can only last for about the duration of a youtube video. I highly doubt that anyone wants to watch tv and wait until the actual news come on or the segment when you find out about the actor that eloped during the weekend. In Youtube you can just search that AND you can scroll up to the part you actually want to see. Also, new television out there is of less quality every new season. Some of the shows I watch now (granted- I’m kinda behind on all of them: blame youtube and the LSAT) are shows that I know are crappy and all I can do is wait for the channel to replace them with a crappier version. Ex. Heroes Season 3/4 to Alphas. (Both cancelled…)

Now for my point, when I hear that reporters on TV cannot seem to understand the beauty of Youtubers and the way Youtube works…it really upsets me. Ok, so this is specifically about something that happened  about a month ago. (I think?) I just cannot understand why this divide is being created between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ social media. The Youtuber has connected with a younger generation and news…well.

Hello new generation.