In Defense of Ben Affleck…

Ben Affleck is a good actor. He may have had some bad choices along the way, but nevertheless he is a good actor. Last week, we found out that he was cast to portray Batman in the new Superman (Man of Steel) sequel: Batman Vs. Superman.

How this news was received? People overreacted and even other actors disapproved of this. I was shocked that Affleck got so much hate for one role. Ok, before I start getting hate myself. I’m not particularly excited that he got the role, but I think if he got it the people who cast him saw something that would compliment Cavil’s Superman. Let’s not judge him on the fact that he portrayed Daredevil and that movie failed miserably.

Personally, I didn’t like when Val Kilmer and George Clooney portrayed Batman. Let me clarify the fact that I have only seen Batman in movies and have not read the comics. For me- Batman is a rich man that has a dark side and a sad past.  Simple.

George Clooney is cute and too happy to have a dark side. Val Kilmer’s huge lips would be too distracting under that mask. Once you notice, you can’t stop looking at them! These old movies weren’t as successful as the first ones, right? And then we got over it and welcomed Christian Bale.

Affleck has a little of darkness to him and we know he can do action movies. Daredevil failed because it deviated a lot from the comic. There were probably a lot of other reasons why it failed aside from the main actor. What if this is the role that Affleck gets to redeem himself from his previous superhero portrayal?  Could any of us have known that he would be a great director? No. He was praised with his first attempt with The Town. Then, Argo won an Oscar. Stop spreading around how much you hate the fact that he got cast. We just need to wait and see what happens! Though on the other hand, hey you’re setting the bar low and he can potentially surprise all of us.

If this doesn’t do it then consider the fact that sometimes the actor is just a factor of the final product. Good scripts, shots, directing, editing and effects most of the time outweigh other aspects.


Daredevil (2003): From Darkness to Light

I’m going to try this out. I picked this movie to review, because I wanted to try something out. I like this movie, I loved this movie when it came out and I own it. Let me also explain I don’t read comics and since I know “its never accurate!” I never looked up criticism on this movie. I lived in my nice “I like the Daredevil movie” world. Recently, while browsing online I read that this was one of the worst superhero origins movies. I thought that was unfair, Green Lantern is out. Oh wait that had not been made yet.

I went to see this movie when it first came out in theaters and my 13 year old self loved this movie. I obsessed over the soundtrack (it introduced me to Evanescence) and I purchased the movie as soon as it came out. I haven’t watched this movie in a long time (years) and all I remember is how much I loved it.

Yesterday, I decided to give it a go again. It’s been about 3 or 4 years since I’ve sat down to watch the entire movie. I didn’t like the movie as much as I liked it years ago. It is a simple plot, the characters aren’t well developed and the ending is awful since the sequel “Elektra” wasn’t really a sequel.  I still love the soundtrack though.

Now for my final thoughts…I’m going to research what was terrible about this movie that people hated it.  I’m sure this is a great idea…

An hour later…

You know how some people have small quirks that they don’t realize they are doing up until someone points it out at them…well it’s the same when you read about movie mistakes. I won’t be able to NOT notice it now.

So Daredevil…

1-    There is a version in the comics where the original outfit was yellow. Of course movie producers would choose not to use this, who wants to see a night hero in yellow tights? The deep red is more appropriate in so many ways.

2-    This is something that personally bothers me…in every origins movie we are shown that moment that made the character decide to turn into a superhero. In this movie, they do show the scenes when he was a kid but then its just assumed that he grows up and decides to wear a costume at night.

3-    The Fixer and The Kingpin. The Fixer orders to kill Matt Murdock’s father, not the Kingpin.  Also, there was a controversy because they picked an actor that did not look like the comic. Well, Michael Clark Duncan did a pretty good job, didn’t he? Also, later on we would see Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson. If the actor can play the role, he should play the role.

4-    I read that there are differences in the ethic of the movie Daredevil and the comic one. Though, by the end of the movie both are the same.

5-    And… Elektra dies. Elektra dies in the movie, in the comic, Elektra dies. The movie decides to put this odd ending where it’s left open ended that SOMEHOW she may still be alive. Then, since Jennifer Garner’s performance was good they miraculously REVIVED her for her spinoff. Just to DIE AGAIN in the box office. Why.

Next time I see this movie again, I don’t know what I’ll think anymore. Wait, I know- hey Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner probably met here. Other than that: it’s probably going to be like the time I read about Deadpool in Wolverine Origins. Once you know, you can’t UNSEE the mistake.

I Love Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, but…

When I was 13 I used to know EVERY movie that was coming up or in production- it was my hobby. I was like a Wikipedia of movies; I even knew random facts about classic movies I had never seen before. As I grew up I lost this ‘knowing’ of all movies… so I just saw this poster when I went to the movies the other day:


Wait, did I go back in time and its 2009? It appears that there was another Wolverine movie in the makes and I missed the PSA. I’m sorry, I love X-Men, the new X-Men movies and I kinda liked the Wolverine Origins movie too (I later found out they really screwed up the Deadpool character, but that’s a different subject). This would be Hugh Jackman’s 5th time playing the SAME ROLE? (3 X-Men movies + Wolverine Origins + Cameo in First Class) I love how he’s played the character and all that jazz, but DO WE NEED ANOTHER WOLVERINE MOVIE? I thought the first one had flopped in box office, I may be wrong though.

Here’s the trailer, just in case. (Click*)

I will go see this movie, but I’m not even excited about it. It has lost the charm of people wondering if the actors will play the role right, or if the movie will be any good. 1) We’ve seen Hugh Jackman play the role countless times. We know what to expect. 2) The bar isn’t raised that high. It’s either going to be better than the Origins movie or flops terribly.

I honestly think they’re trying to get every last dollar they can possibly get out of this character. When Wolverine Origins came out I remember there were rumors of creating an Origins movie for every main character. Ok, that sounds like an interesting concept. Where did those movie ideas go? There was also a rumor of making a Deadpool Origins movie. That would have been AWESOME, right? But it turns out the character was butchered during Wolverine Origins. I read a little comic book vs movie review when the 2009 movie first came out. I’ll just mention the one thing that I still remember and made me laugh: They silenced the Merch with a mouth!

On a side note, they came out with a new semi-origins movie. Like all things in the movie industry, they remade X-Men and called it X-Men: First Class. In this movie though every one is a younger version of the adult characters we meet in X-Men. X-Men: First Class will have a sequel and I believe its called X-Men: Days of Future Past. This movie had to wait on filming because turns out it shared an actress with another major franchise and they would have had some upset fans if they switched her out (Jennifer Lawrence), but its filming now. Oh and yes, Hugh Jackman is credited in this one too I guess Wolverine appearance: Part 6.

So yes, The Wolverine premieres July 26. It’ll have Jean Grey in it and it has different writers and a different director from the first one. Do you think that’ll make a difference? They know people will go see the movie whether they’re excited or not and I really hope it doesn’t that this form of thinking doesn’t’ translate to a movie of less quality. It just has to be better than Wolverine: Origins.


During my senior year in high school, I had senioritis (Just like EVERYONE else). Out of this senioritis something good came out. I got hooked to Dr. Who, the 2005 version. In case you don’t know what is Doctor Who, then where have you been all this time!? Kidding. It is the longest running science fiction show according to the Guinness World Record. Doctor Who began in 1963-1989, then a movie in 1996 and finally was picked up again in 2005. During this time 11 actors have portrayed the role of “The Doctor.” Alright, maybe I should also state The Doctor never really dies (it is possible for him to die- but let’s not go into it), he can regenerate in order to survive. That is how we’ve come with the 11 regenerations. (Regenerations)

I just realized that I’ve been watching this show for 5 or 6 years. Let me take a moment to feel old…

The Doctor is a time lord that travels through time in his TARDIS, most of the time with a companion. The companion tends to be a random girl that is missing “adventure” in her life and is swept away by the Doctor one day. They go on adventures and encounter many interesting characters (some historical: Van Gogh, Shakespeare…).

Here’s another clip because I have a hard time explaining this show-beware of spoilers in the clip. (Click) If you haven’t watched this show- give it chance, one or two episodes…this may be how I got my roommate from college hooked.

Back to the point…I was a little hesitant about writing this post because I fell behind with the current season. So I was going to wait to write about my nerdy show. Then a couple of days ago I read that Matt Smith, the current Doctor will be leaving the show. Of course, this news made me sad- I had a hard time getting used to him because I loved David Tennant. But, Matt Smith was impressive and made it impossible for anyone to dislike him.

Doctor Who will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary later this year and Matt Smith will regenerate during the Christmas special.

And now the search for a new quirky Doctor shall begin…

More Superheroes…

Last week I wrote about reading a comic book and how was my first time experience. Now part two: With popular superheroes come popular movies. Well, most of the time popular (Sorry Green Lantern). Like I said I’m a geek for superheroes and not just because they usually pick good-looking actors to play them. I love their fantastic world and the usual origin story plotline that comes with each movie.

 Warning: I live in the nice ignorance of not fully knowing the comic book story of each character, because I know that as soon as I do I’ll probably start hating the movies. Even with this knowledge I dove in the Winter Soldier story arc due to curiosity and Captain America 2 currently filming in Cleveland…

Also, we all know that these movies are part of a big franchise that just wants to make the money no matter what. It doesn’t matter if the story doesn’t follow the comic book, if we change the main actor in the next movie or instead of adding more character development we just add more explosions and awkward jokes.  Now, with this knowledge should we be careful of falling into their grasps of watching potentially crappy movies (or a tv show- more on that later) just because it has a beloved character?

Personally, I’m a sucker for this genre. So yes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t wonder all of this when you head to a theater or sit on your couch watching The Avengers for the 3rd time. Damn you franchise, why do you do this to me?

Marvel has a small plan to keep all the fans on the edge of their seat waiting for The Avengers 2. A movie per season, a small post credit scene at the end and if that isn’t enough…lets add a TV Show. I guess this is the definition of positive reinforcement.

Summer 2013: Iron man 3 (Go to the movies, but here’s the trailer anyway)

Fall 2013: Thor 2- The Dark World (Trailer)

TV Show** September 2013: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Trailer)

Spring 2014: Captain America 2- The Winter Soldier *No trailer yet, but plenty of on-set pics have surfaced…*

Currently nothing set for Summer 2014. Captain America is to premiere in April so it could count as the summer movie, though I don’t think it may be strong enough to be a summer movie.

Fall 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy

Summer 2015: The Avengers 2 (Keep looking for post-credit scenes, at least that’s my plan)

I found that there is an Ant-Man in the works, but its potentially scheduled for Fall 2015. Set in the same world as The Avengers. (Official Preview)

Achievement Unlocked: Read a Comic Book

Comic books are permanently attached to being a geek and it is a guy thing. Right? Personally, I don’t know any girls that read comics but that may not be true. I’m obsessed with every superhero movie that has come out in the past couple of years and because of that I never wanted to read the comics. If you read a book before the movie, you ruin the movie. I’m just guessing that reading the comic would have the same outcome.

But…I was bored the other day and read a comic book (maybe more like 5). I really liked them, but then again I’m a geek. Even though, I’ll probably be judged for doing this comparison I have to. They have a lot of similarities with soap operas. Let me mention a couple that really stood out to me.

In a soap opera you have the main character, he or she goes through many difficulties (jail, pregnancy, amnesia) in order to achieve their final goal (which usually is marriage and finding love…) and in a comic book the main character goes through difficulties (jail, becoming evil, amnesia) in order to achieve their final goal (in this case its something about controlling their powers and becoming a good hero).

There is always a romantic link in a soap opera. There are so many pairings that you hope they end up together at the end and at the end after 100+ episodes you get that ending.  I’m not entirely sure about the comic books- but I was reading a issue with the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow and it was cheesy.

I’m not a big fan of soap operas so I have to give brownie points to comic books. The art in the books is amazing. I love the use of color in the images and the way the artist is able to present the character’s emotions through his or her drawing.

Cliffhangers. Need I say more? Obviously the soap opera episode ends in some version of ‘and then she was blamed for something she didn’t do.’ Boom… they want you to tune in again and continue to be hooked. Same is with the comic they want you to buy the next issue. The specific Winter Soldier issue I read ended with showing an image of who was behind all the evil plans. Boom.

I stopped reading them because they’re so short and easy to read I ended up spending about $30 in the span of 2 hours and let me tell you I’m a broke 20 something year old. Also…