Usually I add a quote or a random word on the “Bio” side of any social media or random website that requires me creating a profile. For example: My twitter bio says: “woof”. I had the intentions of writing something meaningful in 140 characters but severely blanked out. One day I’ll change it again. One day… Who reads twitter bios anyway?

It’s like that moment in a job interview when they ask you:

“Tell me something about yourself”

-Awkward Silence-

Little voice in me head: OH GOD WHY CANT I THINK OF SOMETHING… WHO AM I?

Alright so back to the point of this section- here are 3 points. Disclaimer: They each have more than 140 characters…

1)     I’m 23 and graduated college 1 year ago. So in other words, I’m in that really confused time of your life where you don’t know what you’re doing with yourself because you can’t find a real job and because all you’ve done with your life is study and have no idea how to handle this new phase. (Studying more? Entering real world denial phase)

2)     I currently work at a minimum wage job, it was my summer job when I was in college and am still there. It gives me the flexibility to get my head in my LSAT books and class, which I plan on taking in a couple of months (For the second time).

3)     I am bilingual. I lived in another country for a couple of years. Sometimes my wires get crossed and I’ll blurt out a word in another language when in my brain I said it in English. Out of both languages I love English and prefer it.

At least for now this is pretty accurate with my current life. Maybe in the future I’ll update this. (Just like twitter…)


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