Daredevil (2003): From Darkness to Light

I’m going to try this out. I picked this movie to review, because I wanted to try something out. I like this movie, I loved this movie when it came out and I own it. Let me also explain I don’t read comics and since I know “its never accurate!” I never looked up criticism on this movie. I lived in my nice “I like the Daredevil movie” world. Recently, while browsing online I read that this was one of the worst superhero origins movies. I thought that was unfair, Green Lantern is out. Oh wait that had not been made yet.

I went to see this movie when it first came out in theaters and my 13 year old self loved this movie. I obsessed over the soundtrack (it introduced me to Evanescence) and I purchased the movie as soon as it came out. I haven’t watched this movie in a long time (years) and all I remember is how much I loved it.

Yesterday, I decided to give it a go again. It’s been about 3 or 4 years since I’ve sat down to watch the entire movie. I didn’t like the movie as much as I liked it years ago. It is a simple plot, the characters aren’t well developed and the ending is awful since the sequel “Elektra” wasn’t really a sequel.  I still love the soundtrack though.

Now for my final thoughts…I’m going to research what was terrible about this movie that people hated it.  I’m sure this is a great idea…

An hour later…

You know how some people have small quirks that they don’t realize they are doing up until someone points it out at them…well it’s the same when you read about movie mistakes. I won’t be able to NOT notice it now.

So Daredevil…

1-    There is a version in the comics where the original outfit was yellow. Of course movie producers would choose not to use this, who wants to see a night hero in yellow tights? The deep red is more appropriate in so many ways.

2-    This is something that personally bothers me…in every origins movie we are shown that moment that made the character decide to turn into a superhero. In this movie, they do show the scenes when he was a kid but then its just assumed that he grows up and decides to wear a costume at night.

3-    The Fixer and The Kingpin. The Fixer orders to kill Matt Murdock’s father, not the Kingpin.  Also, there was a controversy because they picked an actor that did not look like the comic. Well, Michael Clark Duncan did a pretty good job, didn’t he? Also, later on we would see Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson. If the actor can play the role, he should play the role.

4-    I read that there are differences in the ethic of the movie Daredevil and the comic one. Though, by the end of the movie both are the same.

5-    And… Elektra dies. Elektra dies in the movie, in the comic, Elektra dies. The movie decides to put this odd ending where it’s left open ended that SOMEHOW she may still be alive. Then, since Jennifer Garner’s performance was good they miraculously REVIVED her for her spinoff. Just to DIE AGAIN in the box office. Why.

Next time I see this movie again, I don’t know what I’ll think anymore. Wait, I know- hey Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner probably met here. Other than that: it’s probably going to be like the time I read about Deadpool in Wolverine Origins. Once you know, you can’t UNSEE the mistake.

Am I Crazy? How do you Write?

New Month!  Camp NaNoWriMo has begun. New Story, write and leave nothing unfinished.

I wanted to write this because I’ve always wondered if I’m just going nuts when I write or if it happens to others when they write as well. When I am in the process of writing a scene or conversation between characters I always have to “act out” the scene I’m writing before I can continue. I feel that when you hear your words out loud, you can hear if the dialogue is sounding too much like you or if it’s being too forced. I mean I fully act out every character I’m writing in order to picture the scene. I always think I’m a little crazy for doing this. Do you have some quirk when you write?

One of my first unfinished stories was about a murder. Instead of finishing the story I decided it would be fun to rewrite it over and over. I haven’t touched it in over a year. This was the first time I realized I needed to act out scenes because when you write that climatic scene the charm is in the detail, right? I remember I had to place pillows in the middle of my room (the body) and as if I knew what I was doing I placed an “X” where one character found the other being framed. I also realized it helped me with dialogue, but then again…no one has actually read anything I’ve ever written. I could have the worst forced dialogue and not even know it.

In honor of Camp NaNoWriMo…here’s an excerpt of version 350 of the scene described above. I’ve rewritten this story countless times and the plot is never good enough. I like to thicken plots so I don’t even know how to fix them.

“Downstairs they had cleaned the situation, and Valdez went towards Ryan and put his fingerprints over the knife. They don’t let Emily see what’s been staged. They drive her a few blocks away and make her call the police to report a murder in Scott’s house. She’s scared but she does it, unknowingly Dan was already on his way, he had tried to call Scott to say he was going to be late- but no one had answered his calls.

He walks into Ryan covered in blood waking up, Scotts body on the floor and the knife in the scene. Ryan is confused of what happened and Dan reacts badly to this scene.

“What have you done?” Dan is feeling disgusted but goes in his normal react first mode.

Ryan is confused and looks around to realize what had happened, he “has to play along” and this is exactly what Valdez meant. “