Diets vs. Healthy Eating

For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been on a healthy eating kick. What is really annoying about attempting to make smarter decisions healthy wise is that everyone surrounding you start saying: “Oh you’re on a diet…” I hate diets. I don’t believe in starving myself or depriving myself of anything that I feel like eating.

Like with everything, when you do changes in your life you have to read a little bit about it. I was surprised that when you search “Healthy eating” or “Nutrition” books, you end up with diet books. So, I ended up reading a bunch of samples of various diet books for fun. I probably could have continued writing or practicing for the LSAT but no.

There are so many types of diets that I don’t how people do it. There are even diet books that promise you can loose weight in 8 hours.  I call BS. Also, from the limited amount of reading I did on it every diet book contradict each other. Some tell you don’t eat carbs and sugars others tell you eat certain fats and certain carbs. Maybe people have to pick one book and just follow that? I don’t understand. Some people also go with the idea that they need to skip meals and starve themselves. This is unhealthy in every single way.

Instead of trying to make the fat disappear or starving ourselves why don’t we just start making better decisions when eating? We all know what is healthy and what is not and we don’t have to go out cold turkey. If you want to cut down on something then try doing it slowly for 21 days (they say that’s how long it takes for someone to break a habit).

People often have the idea that for them to eat healthy they have to eat like rabbits. This is not true; you just have to be a little more creative. When my manager at work told me the clothes have to look pretty so people will buy it, I doubted her.  Make your food look pretty and you’ll enjoy it more. Food is supposed to make you feel great not guilty, not slow, not heavy.

I’m not saying that I have achieved the perfect way of eating. I am still and emotional eater, but instead of grabbing cookies or something with a lot of sugar- I grab and apple, I grab a spoon of peanut butter (which I used not to eat because of the calories…ha) or carrots and celery. I still eat carbs, desserts and everything I feel like, but instead of overeating you just have to control the amount you eat.

3 thoughts on “Diets vs. Healthy Eating

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  2. To lose weight intaking as much as you wish, staple your jaw mentally, and consume only fresh fruit and vegetables to your heart’s delight with a straw !! 🙂 It’s healthy in summer and really works !!

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