Standing On the Edge of a Cliff…

Do you ever fear that you’re not good enough to do something? That you’re putting so much effort and so much time into something that even if you do all you can you still will not achieve that thing you want.

I am standing on the edge of a cliff. I am looking straight at the horizon and know it is all going to pass, but there is always that constant feeling that ‘yes you are at the edge of a cliff’ and at any moment you could trip and fall.

This probably means that I have let a standardized test affect me to the point that I am scared that if I can’t get a good enough score in this test, then how am I actually going to survive IF I get into any school?

I graduated about a year ago and feel as though I am losing at this game of life. I look at my social media sites and find that most of the people I know are moving on, getting jobs, married, babies, master degrees, etc. Ok, I only want the degrees but its insane how fast life is moving on, and we’re only in our 20’s.

Life is about being scared and surviving each fear. Right? As much as I’m scared that I won’t be ‘smart enough’ to take this test, I need to try and see what may happen because if I don’t do it out of fear, I will regret it later in my life. What is life if you don’t risk a little pain? Risk standing at the edge of the cliff to see the sunset at the end of the day.



Who has had a tv show that they got hooked…and loved…and then got cancelled? Don’t you hate it when that happens? You wait for the next episode or if you’re lucky you finish a season and hope to see what happens next. That season never comes, that episode never comes. You google it and that sad word appears next to the title of your show: CANCELLED.

Here’s my sad list of shows I’ll never know what would have happened:

-Kings (Why!? It was so good and who knows where it could have gone)

-Pushing Daisies (Everything felt like it came out from a story book, and Jim Dale was the narrator (Harry Potter audiobooks anyone?) Technically it had an ending, but it was rushed so it doesn’t really count)

-Heroes (Alright- this show was going down. The quality and plotline was going down after the writer’s strike in season 2. I still loved it though)

-Out of Practice (This show upsets me, it technically never was cancelled there was a slot for the fall that was filled with The New Adventures of Old Christine (ugh) and then there was no slot open for Out of Practice. They said they would find a slot because it was doing well, it never happened. Sad.)

-GCB (a guilty pleasure…got cancelled because a lot of people protested it was making the church look bad)

-Whitney and Joey (Both funny, but lacked something and went down)

Then there’s the shows I watched one episode and then decided I’ll watch them when I have more time from the beginning. Later, I found out they got cancelled: Firefly, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Veronica Mars, Go On, The Secret Circle, etc.

Don’t you hate the fact that the people in charge of deciding what shows get cancelled don’t care if there is a following and how disappointed these people will be once they find out that last scene is the last thing their favorite characters will do. Shouldn’t there be a requirement that for the DVD they’ll film a ending or explain in an interview where the show would have gone? Give the audience that closure.

Comeback Bands: Fall Out Boy

When I heard that Fall Out Boy was coming back I felt like a 15 year old again. At the same time I was a little bit cautious that their comeback would not be good like when the Jonas Brothers got their single for Pom Poms out and it was just weird. I used to love them.

So I waited and when the first single came out (My Songs know what you did in the dark (light em up)) I was curious, it didn’t convince me though. The music video was also interesting. Then, The Phoenix came out and the music video did as well. I obsessed. Not only they are a more mature band, but also they each are able to take their place. When they first started Pete Wentz was the main one, the one everyone wanted to see. Usually the singer is the one most people are interested in, but not with Fall Out Boy. Now, after each went their own way; and Patrick Stump had a career as a solo artist he has gained enough confidence to be a lead singer.

Save Rock and Roll is a good album, it is not out of this world different from their previous work but their essence is there. They have come back with more energy and each track in the album is something you can listen to over and over.

The most interesting part of the music videos for Save Rock and Roll is that their concept is being reveled bit by bit. They have made a music video for each song of the album and are releasing them slowly. Keeping all fans at the edge of their seat because there is also a storyline to follow in each video.

Part 1: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up) 

Part 2: The Phoenix

Part 3: Young Volcanoes

Part 4: Alone Together

Diets vs. Healthy Eating

For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been on a healthy eating kick. What is really annoying about attempting to make smarter decisions healthy wise is that everyone surrounding you start saying: “Oh you’re on a diet…” I hate diets. I don’t believe in starving myself or depriving myself of anything that I feel like eating.

Like with everything, when you do changes in your life you have to read a little bit about it. I was surprised that when you search “Healthy eating” or “Nutrition” books, you end up with diet books. So, I ended up reading a bunch of samples of various diet books for fun. I probably could have continued writing or practicing for the LSAT but no.

There are so many types of diets that I don’t how people do it. There are even diet books that promise you can loose weight in 8 hours.  I call BS. Also, from the limited amount of reading I did on it every diet book contradict each other. Some tell you don’t eat carbs and sugars others tell you eat certain fats and certain carbs. Maybe people have to pick one book and just follow that? I don’t understand. Some people also go with the idea that they need to skip meals and starve themselves. This is unhealthy in every single way.

Instead of trying to make the fat disappear or starving ourselves why don’t we just start making better decisions when eating? We all know what is healthy and what is not and we don’t have to go out cold turkey. If you want to cut down on something then try doing it slowly for 21 days (they say that’s how long it takes for someone to break a habit).

People often have the idea that for them to eat healthy they have to eat like rabbits. This is not true; you just have to be a little more creative. When my manager at work told me the clothes have to look pretty so people will buy it, I doubted her.  Make your food look pretty and you’ll enjoy it more. Food is supposed to make you feel great not guilty, not slow, not heavy.

I’m not saying that I have achieved the perfect way of eating. I am still and emotional eater, but instead of grabbing cookies or something with a lot of sugar- I grab and apple, I grab a spoon of peanut butter (which I used not to eat because of the calories…ha) or carrots and celery. I still eat carbs, desserts and everything I feel like, but instead of overeating you just have to control the amount you eat.

Song Parodies: We Can’t Stop

Sometimes songs are catchy…

sometimes music videos are weird…

sometimes the mixture of both is just asking for someone to make fun of it.

…and I love it when this happens.

This week’s most attacked song has been We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus. (Someone mentioned that Miley’s new song was different, so I got curious and gave it a listen- I’m not a fan…then when I saw the  music video: WTF)

The music video was just asking for it…

1) My favorite, put dogs anywhere and its just great.

2) I’m subscribed to many YouTubers so personally this collab was just great, in a messed up way, but great.

3) This was odd, I love who did it though: BLT Parody

4) SD Parody

And sometimes there are also covers- and I was surprised to hear Rebecca Black (She sang: It’s Friday, Friday…) doing a cover- a good cover of this song too.

Viral song. Not a good song. BUT viral.

Sometimes we fall into the misconception of thinking we ‘like’ the song, but the reality is that radios overplay it, the parodies online ensue, the covers are uploaded and we hear it and hear it…AND hear it up to the point that we fall into believing we actually like it. I still don’t like this song, but I’m not denying that it has been stuck in my head for the past two days.



Camp NaNoWriMo: Race to 20K


This has really become a challenge. I’m currently at 5500 words. I am writing every night (instead of writing for this blog…) and can’t seem to get past the amount of words that I SHOULD be writing every day.
I don’t know how I expected to do NaNoWriMo, if 20K is becoming such a challenge.
You would think its because my story is becoming difficult to continue? No.
Writer’s Block? No.
I have an issue with not editing, but it is part of my problem that I cannot finish a story so I keep repeating myself NOT to edit or REWRITE scenes because I’ll use it as a way not to finish this story again.

Anyway, I found this video on YouTube. I’ve actually thought or said half of these…


Forever a Kid

Today I went to see Monsters University.  Let me rephrase that, my 23-year-old friend and this 23-year-old person that is currently typing this post went to see a movie for kids…and loved it.

I also have to mention we spotted an elderly couple in the theater, which was adorable.

Why is it that no matter your age you can still go watch a children’s movie and feel like a kid for those 90 minutes? I don’t think there is any other movie genre where you can feel like that.

Monsters University is such a good children’s movie. The first good thing about it is that you don’t have to see the first one to understand the second. I saw the first one (Monsters Inc) years ago, and it was just as good as this one. Also, the humor in the movie is for all ages. Sometimes movies for kids focus on finding ways to charm their young audience that they loose the older audience (aka the parents that have to take their kids).  It is such a wonderful experience when you see a movie and its well made and at the same time so heartwarming.

Alright, I just had to share that I’m old and still enjoy watching kids movies.