I Love Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, but…

When I was 13 I used to know EVERY movie that was coming up or in production- it was my hobby. I was like a Wikipedia of movies; I even knew random facts about classic movies I had never seen before. As I grew up I lost this ‘knowing’ of all movies… so I just saw this poster when I went to the movies the other day:


Wait, did I go back in time and its 2009? It appears that there was another Wolverine movie in the makes and I missed the PSA. I’m sorry, I love X-Men, the new X-Men movies and I kinda liked the Wolverine Origins movie too (I later found out they really screwed up the Deadpool character, but that’s a different subject). This would be Hugh Jackman’s 5th time playing the SAME ROLE? (3 X-Men movies + Wolverine Origins + Cameo in First Class) I love how he’s played the character and all that jazz, but DO WE NEED ANOTHER WOLVERINE MOVIE? I thought the first one had flopped in box office, I may be wrong though.

Here’s the trailer, just in case. (Click*)

I will go see this movie, but I’m not even excited about it. It has lost the charm of people wondering if the actors will play the role right, or if the movie will be any good. 1) We’ve seen Hugh Jackman play the role countless times. We know what to expect. 2) The bar isn’t raised that high. It’s either going to be better than the Origins movie or flops terribly.

I honestly think they’re trying to get every last dollar they can possibly get out of this character. When Wolverine Origins came out I remember there were rumors of creating an Origins movie for every main character. Ok, that sounds like an interesting concept. Where did those movie ideas go? There was also a rumor of making a Deadpool Origins movie. That would have been AWESOME, right? But it turns out the character was butchered during Wolverine Origins. I read a little comic book vs movie review when the 2009 movie first came out. I’ll just mention the one thing that I still remember and made me laugh: They silenced the Merch with a mouth!

On a side note, they came out with a new semi-origins movie. Like all things in the movie industry, they remade X-Men and called it X-Men: First Class. In this movie though every one is a younger version of the adult characters we meet in X-Men. X-Men: First Class will have a sequel and I believe its called X-Men: Days of Future Past. This movie had to wait on filming because turns out it shared an actress with another major franchise and they would have had some upset fans if they switched her out (Jennifer Lawrence), but its filming now. Oh and yes, Hugh Jackman is credited in this one too I guess Wolverine appearance: Part 6.

So yes, The Wolverine premieres July 26. It’ll have Jean Grey in it and it has different writers and a different director from the first one. Do you think that’ll make a difference? They know people will go see the movie whether they’re excited or not and I really hope it doesn’t that this form of thinking doesn’t’ translate to a movie of less quality. It just has to be better than Wolverine: Origins.


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