Man of Steel: I want to like it, help me?

WARNING: Spoilers. I tried writing it without them but couldn’t get to my point.

I’ve written before about how I appreciate comics and the whole world of superheroes. I’ve also said that I don’t know much about superhero origins just what the movies decide to show as part of their plot.

With that said, I also want to say I watched some of the old Superman movies with Christopher Reeve (long time ago, so I’m fuzzy with the details); the recent version by Bryan Singer; that old show with Dean Cain “Lois and Clark” and a couple of seasons of “Smallville”. So overall, I have a very mixed Superman knowledge but I think its basic enough to get the idea, right?

I went to see Man of Steel on Saturday and well…I wasn’t impressed. Honestly, not even a shirtless Henry Cavill did it for me. I mean it was a good movie, but I usually end up more excited about a superhero movie when I leave the theater.

Now, here’s a question for anyone who may read this, “is there a comic book story of the Man of Steel that shows a different version of Superman that I didn’t know of?” I know that there’s Spiderman and The Amazing Spiderman, I don’t know if that changes the story but I’m guessing they have different names for some reason. For me Superman is the kid that was found in a spacecraft by two farmers who wanted a kid but couldn’t have one and that is why they loved him so much. He grows up and while working in the Daily Planet he meets Lois Lane and likes her. Clark Kent is the geeky guy the audience wants Lois to notice and Superman is the hero Lois loves. For some reason Lois never notices that the only difference between Clark and Superman are some geeky glasses, but we’ll let that be. Superman’s only weakness is Kryptonite and his main arch-nemesis is Lex Luthor. I may be missing huge chunks of storyline here, but this is the basic plot-line of what is repeated in every Superman movie/ TV show.

Back to the Man of Steel…

1)     You know when a girl goes to get tattooed something cute and the artist tells her that the scribble he did on her means love or some other thing. She’s proud of her scribble and will probably be the only one to know it means love. Same situation here: Superman that’s an S on your chest, I don’t care if it means hope in your planet. It’s an S.

2)     There is no way, no possible way to make Henry Cavill a geeky nerd and the director knew this because of what happens in this version and Lois is a little more independent in this version too: feisty.

3)     It was a good and entertaining story. I was surprised to see Christopher Nolan’s name in the credits.

4)     How come everyone in Krypton wears dark and metal colors, but when Jor-El gives Clark his suit its red, blue and yellow? I’m just wondering.

5)     Did someone catch when did the humans find out the planet where he came from was Krypton? Because I didn’t, but during one of the climatic moments one of the Generals says something that he mentions not an ambiguous phrase about an unknown planet, but Krypton.

I know when a movie is good and this movie was well made, the story was entertaining, the actors were good and I’m sure if it does decent in box office it’ll get a sequel somehow. Look at Captain America, out of all The Avengers superheroes he was the least successful and after piggybacking on The Avengers, it sounds like the next Captain America might be an improvement. So, I have no doubt that if they want to make a Justice League or a sequel to Man of Steel it will happen.


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