During my senior year in high school, I had senioritis (Just like EVERYONE else). Out of this senioritis something good came out. I got hooked to Dr. Who, the 2005 version. In case you don’t know what is Doctor Who, then where have you been all this time!? Kidding. It is the longest running science fiction show according to the Guinness World Record. Doctor Who began in 1963-1989, then a movie in 1996 and finally was picked up again in 2005. During this time 11 actors have portrayed the role of “The Doctor.” Alright, maybe I should also state The Doctor never really dies (it is possible for him to die- but let’s not go into it), he can regenerate in order to survive. That is how we’ve come with the 11 regenerations. (Regenerations)

I just realized that I’ve been watching this show for 5 or 6 years. Let me take a moment to feel old…

The Doctor is a time lord that travels through time in his TARDIS, most of the time with a companion. The companion tends to be a random girl that is missing “adventure” in her life and is swept away by the Doctor one day. They go on adventures and encounter many interesting characters (some historical: Van Gogh, Shakespeare…).

Here’s another clip because I have a hard time explaining this show-beware of spoilers in the clip. (Click) If you haven’t watched this show- give it chance, one or two episodes…this may be how I got my roommate from college hooked.

Back to the point…I was a little hesitant about writing this post because I fell behind with the current season. So I was going to wait to write about my nerdy show. Then a couple of days ago I read that Matt Smith, the current Doctor will be leaving the show. Of course, this news made me sad- I had a hard time getting used to him because I loved David Tennant. But, Matt Smith was impressive and made it impossible for anyone to dislike him.

Doctor Who will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary later this year and Matt Smith will regenerate during the Christmas special.

And now the search for a new quirky Doctor shall begin…


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