Camp Nanowrimo

One of my favorite hobbies is to write (duh, that’s why I made a blog). I’m not the greatest writer, but I love it. I’ve always had an issue with finishing stories, I have one specific story that I have rewritten probably more than 8 times. If I don’t finish it, I write a rushed ending that I’m aware sucks. Also, I want to write a comedy- it is wicked hard.

I found out about Nanowrimo through a Vlogbrothers YouTube video and last year I attempted to do it. I failed with 4025 words out of 50 000.

Then, I found out about Camp Nanowrimo. Why should we wait until November to write? It is such a brilliant idea, have a warm up before you go into November. You set your own word goal; you can use a previous unfinished work and you get to have a warm- up Nanowrimo experience. I’m definitely geeking out about trying this out come July and had to write about it.

I’m setting two simple goals, and hoping to accomplish at least one:

1)     20 000 Words.

2)     Actually finish the story.

I Love Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, but…

When I was 13 I used to know EVERY movie that was coming up or in production- it was my hobby. I was like a Wikipedia of movies; I even knew random facts about classic movies I had never seen before. As I grew up I lost this ‘knowing’ of all movies… so I just saw this poster when I went to the movies the other day:


Wait, did I go back in time and its 2009? It appears that there was another Wolverine movie in the makes and I missed the PSA. I’m sorry, I love X-Men, the new X-Men movies and I kinda liked the Wolverine Origins movie too (I later found out they really screwed up the Deadpool character, but that’s a different subject). This would be Hugh Jackman’s 5th time playing the SAME ROLE? (3 X-Men movies + Wolverine Origins + Cameo in First Class) I love how he’s played the character and all that jazz, but DO WE NEED ANOTHER WOLVERINE MOVIE? I thought the first one had flopped in box office, I may be wrong though.

Here’s the trailer, just in case. (Click*)

I will go see this movie, but I’m not even excited about it. It has lost the charm of people wondering if the actors will play the role right, or if the movie will be any good. 1) We’ve seen Hugh Jackman play the role countless times. We know what to expect. 2) The bar isn’t raised that high. It’s either going to be better than the Origins movie or flops terribly.

I honestly think they’re trying to get every last dollar they can possibly get out of this character. When Wolverine Origins came out I remember there were rumors of creating an Origins movie for every main character. Ok, that sounds like an interesting concept. Where did those movie ideas go? There was also a rumor of making a Deadpool Origins movie. That would have been AWESOME, right? But it turns out the character was butchered during Wolverine Origins. I read a little comic book vs movie review when the 2009 movie first came out. I’ll just mention the one thing that I still remember and made me laugh: They silenced the Merch with a mouth!

On a side note, they came out with a new semi-origins movie. Like all things in the movie industry, they remade X-Men and called it X-Men: First Class. In this movie though every one is a younger version of the adult characters we meet in X-Men. X-Men: First Class will have a sequel and I believe its called X-Men: Days of Future Past. This movie had to wait on filming because turns out it shared an actress with another major franchise and they would have had some upset fans if they switched her out (Jennifer Lawrence), but its filming now. Oh and yes, Hugh Jackman is credited in this one too I guess Wolverine appearance: Part 6.

So yes, The Wolverine premieres July 26. It’ll have Jean Grey in it and it has different writers and a different director from the first one. Do you think that’ll make a difference? They know people will go see the movie whether they’re excited or not and I really hope it doesn’t that this form of thinking doesn’t’ translate to a movie of less quality. It just has to be better than Wolverine: Origins.

It Must Suck to be an Extra in a Zombie Movie…

I went to see World War Z last night and well, in my opinion it was ok. I saw it in 3D and that made the movie experience better (I may have jumped out of my seat a couple of times). I’m not a major zombie fan. It’s the last type of movie I’ll go see, but when I saw the trailer I thought it looked cool. It was an interesting movie, someone I went with said that its nothing like the book except for some parts.

The movie is Brad Pitt’s first major role movie in a long time. I think the last big movie he did was Moneyball in 2011. I’m not counting the indie movie last year Killing them Softly or him lending his voice of a character in Happy Feet 2. World War Z definitely counts on him being the main attraction. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but I’m positive that the magic formula the movie studio thought was: big name star + things that look like zombies= box office success!

Now to the “Things that look like zombies,” I was confused when I saw the trailer because you couldn’t tell if they wanted to make zombies or something else (I’m being vague on purpose, its hard). It was an interesting movie, the effects were good and the storyline probably could have done a little more character development. I didn’t feel bad for any of the characters, I didn’t really care about them. The zombie-like people were the main deal. Maybe this movie wasn’t up to my personal taste… you know you’ve lost a bit of interest midway the movie if you start thinking of production details. I kept thinking about all the extras in this movie, it must suck to be in a movie like this for them. Extras usually just have to fill space, maybe say a line or two and done. In a movie like this, they have to make weird noises, have tons of make-up and pretend they’re double jointed while they move in weird ways. Kudos to all the extras in World War Z!

World War Z had a decent debut in the box office, but this weekend number 1 went to Monsters U. Side note, World War Z- the sequel? (I just read the rumor, click here). I’m not sure World War Z is going to be able to compete with the movies coming up in the next two weeks. Next week is still a toss up: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat and Channing Tatum in White House Down. Both of these targeted to different audiences, but so is Monsters U and it won box office. But then, for July 3rd we have Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger…either of those will take 1 or 2 for that weekend.

Confessions of a Sales Associate

Disclaimer: I’ve only worked in department stores. So I’m not sure how different it may be for some. These are just small thoughts on some common things that have happened to me. Maybe you’ve done this or if you’ve worked in a store it’s happened to you…

If you haven’t worked in a store before of course you’ll probably hate my post.  I know the common response is: “Don’t complain at least you have a job” or “Meh, you get paid to do that stop bitching about it.”

1)     I don’t understand why some people feel like complaining about the store to a sales associate.

Customer: “Why do you buy cheap hangers in this store?”

I replied to this person “I’m sorry” and smiled, but I’m sure that isn’t what she wanted to hear.

My actual response would have been: “I’ve been asking myself the same question lady. You can’t hang anything in these, this store is so cheap man.”

That would have probably gotten me fired.

I’m at the end of the food chain, seriously. If you really feel like something is wrong in the store there are managers and lead sales people in some stores.

2)     Don’t assume the sales person knows about: each product in the entire store (if it’s a department store) or fashion (some may know, some are just as lost as you are).

Customer: “I saw this pretty white dress last time I was here.”

Me: “Do you remember a brand name or where in the floor it was?”

(There are dresses in the dress department and dresses in the casual wear department- there’s also petite/ womens sizes which are different departments too)

Customer *suddenly angry*: “No, I just know it was pretty and it had no sleeves. How is it that you don’t know?”

I kid you not. I have had this type of conversation. Think for a moment, how many white sleeveless dresses there can be in a department store.

Also, I mentioned fashion…

“Do you think this matches with this?”

My thought process goes: “Did I watch Project Runway last night? Did I see this on a mannequin somewhere? Oh my god, I don’t even know how I matched the outfit I’m wearing!”

After what seems like an eternity: I smile and say “Yes, of course.”

Customer thinks I’m stupid and slow, but buys the item. Win!

3)     I can be a bit of a prude sometimes and sometimes there’s no easy way to tell someone they really shouldn’t try pulling that zipper up anymore: Lingerie department and dress department.


70- 80 year old customer: “Can you help me out of this bra?”

(Has the door 90 degrees open and after I unhook the bra she passes it to me, forgetting of course that there is no bra underneath that bra, I get flashed. Great)

I’ve also had the lady that thinks its ok to walk around half naked if she’s not done with the fitting room. No, not a 70-80 year old.


Customer: “Can you zip this up for me?”

(I’m not the skinniest person out there, but I know what size I am and I don’t fit in that size she’s trying to fit in)

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t pull it up”


Me- Thinking fast for once: “Let me check for another size”

The awkward moment when THAT dress is the biggest size and you have no way of telling the lady that the women’s department may be a better fit. I feel so bad.

I think I’ll leave it there for now, I didn’t realize I’d make it so long. I hate long posts, then again most of my posts are kinda long.  I probably could continue writing about this until its a book, so I am stopping now.

What Makes a Comedy Good?

Inspiration for this came because I’m having the hardest time attempting to write a comedy story. This genre is turning out to be difficult. Also, the other night I watched Movie 43 and was wicked upset I spent the money renting it. (Did someone actually like this movie?) These things made me question what makes a comedy good? And how is it that there are some things that make some people laugh and others not?

Some people think that it’s because they are more mature or they are at a intellectual level that some things aren’t funny anymore. I’ve met people who don’t even want to watch a clip of something silly. “It’s going to ruin my brain…” or “God, how can you laugh at that?”

It honestly puzzles me because then what does that say about me? I’m the type of person who will watch the Colbert Report and laugh or some political/social comedy and laugh at that too, but I’m also the type of person that will laugh at Jackass or any silly comedy. I don’t mind if a movie is crass or if it crosses any of those socially accepted lines.  As long as it still has some good qualities into it too. So, I’m stupid and mature or smart and immature- right?

Comedy also puzzles me because there are some instances where they cross every single line that it creates a new level of crass humor that you feel like you don’t know what you just watched. This would be me after watching Movie 43 (Oh Hugh Jackman…if you haven’t seen the movie, look up a picture of him in this movie).  I knew it was a stupid movie to begin with, but there was so much potential for a silly mindless entertaining movie and they ruined it.

Alright- humor. It is hard to write something that may make everyone laugh. Does that mean that we have to criticize what makes some people laugh and others don’t?  How can you find the midway between writing or producing something that is funny and also something that is still good?

Man of Steel: I want to like it, help me?

WARNING: Spoilers. I tried writing it without them but couldn’t get to my point.

I’ve written before about how I appreciate comics and the whole world of superheroes. I’ve also said that I don’t know much about superhero origins just what the movies decide to show as part of their plot.

With that said, I also want to say I watched some of the old Superman movies with Christopher Reeve (long time ago, so I’m fuzzy with the details); the recent version by Bryan Singer; that old show with Dean Cain “Lois and Clark” and a couple of seasons of “Smallville”. So overall, I have a very mixed Superman knowledge but I think its basic enough to get the idea, right?

I went to see Man of Steel on Saturday and well…I wasn’t impressed. Honestly, not even a shirtless Henry Cavill did it for me. I mean it was a good movie, but I usually end up more excited about a superhero movie when I leave the theater.

Now, here’s a question for anyone who may read this, “is there a comic book story of the Man of Steel that shows a different version of Superman that I didn’t know of?” I know that there’s Spiderman and The Amazing Spiderman, I don’t know if that changes the story but I’m guessing they have different names for some reason. For me Superman is the kid that was found in a spacecraft by two farmers who wanted a kid but couldn’t have one and that is why they loved him so much. He grows up and while working in the Daily Planet he meets Lois Lane and likes her. Clark Kent is the geeky guy the audience wants Lois to notice and Superman is the hero Lois loves. For some reason Lois never notices that the only difference between Clark and Superman are some geeky glasses, but we’ll let that be. Superman’s only weakness is Kryptonite and his main arch-nemesis is Lex Luthor. I may be missing huge chunks of storyline here, but this is the basic plot-line of what is repeated in every Superman movie/ TV show.

Back to the Man of Steel…

1)     You know when a girl goes to get tattooed something cute and the artist tells her that the scribble he did on her means love or some other thing. She’s proud of her scribble and will probably be the only one to know it means love. Same situation here: Superman that’s an S on your chest, I don’t care if it means hope in your planet. It’s an S.

2)     There is no way, no possible way to make Henry Cavill a geeky nerd and the director knew this because of what happens in this version and Lois is a little more independent in this version too: feisty.

3)     It was a good and entertaining story. I was surprised to see Christopher Nolan’s name in the credits.

4)     How come everyone in Krypton wears dark and metal colors, but when Jor-El gives Clark his suit its red, blue and yellow? I’m just wondering.

5)     Did someone catch when did the humans find out the planet where he came from was Krypton? Because I didn’t, but during one of the climatic moments one of the Generals says something that he mentions not an ambiguous phrase about an unknown planet, but Krypton.

I know when a movie is good and this movie was well made, the story was entertaining, the actors were good and I’m sure if it does decent in box office it’ll get a sequel somehow. Look at Captain America, out of all The Avengers superheroes he was the least successful and after piggybacking on The Avengers, it sounds like the next Captain America might be an improvement. So, I have no doubt that if they want to make a Justice League or a sequel to Man of Steel it will happen.

YA Books: John Green

I know I’m 23 and shouldn’t be reading Young Adult books anymore, but I can’t help it. I’m just saying I’m no longer in the targeted audience. Sometimes these are the books that have the best simple stories and the best messages. I don’t feel anything life changing when I read fiction books that are more for my age. There was only depression after I read One Day or when I read Bringing Down the House all I wanted to do was learn to play blackjack and count cards. Some Young Adult books are just there to entertain, but most of them will have some type of underlying message. I took a Young Adult class during my senior year in college; it was wonderful I had to read The Hunger Games because it was my homework.

Back to the point: I wanted to point out one specific author I have read 3 of his books and probably will read more later on. I’ve written about YouTube multiple times and don’t plan on stopping. One of my first subscriptions was to the VlogBrothers (This was the first video I watched- click) and this is how I found John Green.

Looking For Alaska:

I found a copy of Looking for Alaska when the Borders near me was closing. * sniff * I read it in about a week and loved it, though the story did sound familiar. (Hello young John Green- video) If a book can make me laugh and cry and keep me thinking after I read it, of course it will become one of my favorites. It also won a literary award: Michael L. Printz Award.

An Abundance of Katherines:

This one took me a while to finish it. I’m not going to lie out of the 3 books I’ve read from him this one was my least favorite. By least favorite I just mean I didn’t connect with it as much. It was a fun book to read and funny, John Green has such a talent to put geeky humor into his books.

The Fault in our Stars:

I bought this book because John Green signed each one of the first printing (and posted several videos about it) and even though I didn’t know much about the book at that point I just had to have it. I can’t express how much I loved this book or how much feeling is put into it. You will not only connect to the characters, but love them love them so much it hurts. After I finished it I kept thinking about it and thinking about what we can take away from the story. John managed to make me laugh, make me cry and make me laugh and cry at the same time (I didn’t even know that was possible). Also, it will potentially become a movie. We all know the “the movie won’t be the same as the book” cliché, but still it is something to be excited about because through it more people will be able to find out about the book.

He has also written three other books and I’m sure they are as good as the ones I’ve already read: Will Grayson Will Grayson (with David Levithan), Paper Towns and Let it Snow (with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle).

Lets Recycle…Music?

I have the weirdest music taste. I honestly will listen to anything. With that clarified: I wanted to have a small rant about popular artists (I thought the definition of ‘artist’ meant to ‘produce’ and ‘create’ something) using previous songs to make hits today.

Do you ever feel déjà vu when you listen to a “new” song?

The other day when I was at work I heard the new Christina Aguilera and Pitbull song Feel This Moment (I work in a department store in the mall) something in the song sounded familiar, I just couldn’t tell what it was. It kinda bothered me all day so later that night I went to the mighty Google to see if I could find it.  Boom. Answer was A-ha’s Take on Me.

I don’t know why it bothers me when I hear an artist re-use samples from older songs. Granted in this case it was Pitbull and I think it is part of his music to do ‘mixes.’  He also did it with Jennifer Lopez’ recent ‘hit’ On the Floor.  That interesting hook at the beginning of the song and used throughout it is from an old song called The Lambada.

Also, I’m going to clarify that yes when an artist does this he or she probably asked for the rights to the sample. The company probably got all the paperwork settled, but why are we listening to recycled music and not entirely new tunes? If you take the Lambada tune out of J.Lo’s song, the song sucks. You would quickly forget it.

Here are some other examples I can think of right now:

1)     Remember Lady Gaga’s Alejandro (2010)? I do too, but I also remember Ace of the Base’s Don’t Turn Around (1994).

2)     Long time ago Madonna had a hit with a song called Hung Up (2005). I remember it was number one on rankings for a long time. Abba’s Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (1979) was probably a hit during its time too.

3)     How about a double ‘who recycled whose’ song? Shakira had a catchy intro to her Hips Don’t Lie (2006). Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz had a similar intro to Déjà Vu (Uptown Baby) (1998). I didn’t know about that one but I heard the intro of Jerry Rivera’s Amores Como el Nuestro (1992).

I have to say techno, dub-step and artists that mix 100 songs in one don’t bother me because well, they say they are doing a remix and we know what to expect. (Example)

Side note: Why wasn’t the Black Eyed Peas- This Time (Dirty Bit) called “(I’ve had) The Time of My Life) cover”? They take excerpts from the original song…

I think my new hobby will be to grab DaVinci, Van Gogh and maybe Vermeer’s paintings (I think all of their works are public domain by now, not sure but I just want to make a point) and stick them all together. Maybe add some brushstrokes so I can say it’s my creation and I’ll probably have a ‘hit’ too, right?

Mad World: News and Truth

I’m 23 and as such I probably should know more about what is going on in the world. I’ve always had problems following the news and being an informed individual. In an attempt to correct this I subscribed to The Economist, and yes the print version because I absolutely hate reading on my laptop or phone. I don’t know or understand how people do it. I’m not going to lie and say I never read on an electronic gadget, because I do but usually its something that is intended for entertainment and not something that really requires my full attention. Well, back to the point needless to say I fell behind reading the magazines because they arrive every week and I’m a slow reader. I’m still in march. It doesn’t matter how I intend to be informed I still fall behind.

There have been times where I tried to watch news, but then go into an incredible depression stage because let’s face it our world is pretty messed up. Then, you consider that factor of “paranoia” that always seems to be part of the news. Something always seems to be trying to kill us.

What also gives me a headache about the news is the usual never-ending conversation in my head:

“Is the reporter telling me the entire truth, the complete news?”

No, probably not.

“Company has censored something?”

Depending on the major event of the moment, probably.

“Can it be that whatever is not being told right now is part of some bigger news?”


“Am I watching a neutral news channel? Or are they trying to convince me of something unconsciously?”

I blame my high school teacher for this, he taught us by showing clips of The O’Reilly Factor, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I’ll always remember him telling us “Don’t just to listen the news, but question what the news is saying.” If I want to be what the world defines as an informed individual should I be listening/watching or reading news or am I just purposely being misinformed because I’ll never know the truth 100%?


During my senior year in high school, I had senioritis (Just like EVERYONE else). Out of this senioritis something good came out. I got hooked to Dr. Who, the 2005 version. In case you don’t know what is Doctor Who, then where have you been all this time!? Kidding. It is the longest running science fiction show according to the Guinness World Record. Doctor Who began in 1963-1989, then a movie in 1996 and finally was picked up again in 2005. During this time 11 actors have portrayed the role of “The Doctor.” Alright, maybe I should also state The Doctor never really dies (it is possible for him to die- but let’s not go into it), he can regenerate in order to survive. That is how we’ve come with the 11 regenerations. (Regenerations)

I just realized that I’ve been watching this show for 5 or 6 years. Let me take a moment to feel old…

The Doctor is a time lord that travels through time in his TARDIS, most of the time with a companion. The companion tends to be a random girl that is missing “adventure” in her life and is swept away by the Doctor one day. They go on adventures and encounter many interesting characters (some historical: Van Gogh, Shakespeare…).

Here’s another clip because I have a hard time explaining this show-beware of spoilers in the clip. (Click) If you haven’t watched this show- give it chance, one or two episodes…this may be how I got my roommate from college hooked.

Back to the point…I was a little hesitant about writing this post because I fell behind with the current season. So I was going to wait to write about my nerdy show. Then a couple of days ago I read that Matt Smith, the current Doctor will be leaving the show. Of course, this news made me sad- I had a hard time getting used to him because I loved David Tennant. But, Matt Smith was impressive and made it impossible for anyone to dislike him.

Doctor Who will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary later this year and Matt Smith will regenerate during the Christmas special.

And now the search for a new quirky Doctor shall begin…