Achievement Unlocked: Read a Comic Book

Comic books are permanently attached to being a geek and it is a guy thing. Right? Personally, I don’t know any girls that read comics but that may not be true. I’m obsessed with every superhero movie that has come out in the past couple of years and because of that I never wanted to read the comics. If you read a book before the movie, you ruin the movie. I’m just guessing that reading the comic would have the same outcome.

But…I was bored the other day and read a comic book (maybe more like 5). I really liked them, but then again I’m a geek. Even though, I’ll probably be judged for doing this comparison I have to. They have a lot of similarities with soap operas. Let me mention a couple that really stood out to me.

In a soap opera you have the main character, he or she goes through many difficulties (jail, pregnancy, amnesia) in order to achieve their final goal (which usually is marriage and finding love…) and in a comic book the main character goes through difficulties (jail, becoming evil, amnesia) in order to achieve their final goal (in this case its something about controlling their powers and becoming a good hero).

There is always a romantic link in a soap opera. There are so many pairings that you hope they end up together at the end and at the end after 100+ episodes you get that ending.  I’m not entirely sure about the comic books- but I was reading a issue with the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow and it was cheesy.

I’m not a big fan of soap operas so I have to give brownie points to comic books. The art in the books is amazing. I love the use of color in the images and the way the artist is able to present the character’s emotions through his or her drawing.

Cliffhangers. Need I say more? Obviously the soap opera episode ends in some version of ‘and then she was blamed for something she didn’t do.’ Boom… they want you to tune in again and continue to be hooked. Same is with the comic they want you to buy the next issue. The specific Winter Soldier issue I read ended with showing an image of who was behind all the evil plans. Boom.

I stopped reading them because they’re so short and easy to read I ended up spending about $30 in the span of 2 hours and let me tell you I’m a broke 20 something year old. Also…



One thought on “Achievement Unlocked: Read a Comic Book

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