Popular Songs Define the Artist?

Just like anyone else I love a catchy tune that gets stuck in my head and I need to purchase the song because its popular and because I hear it everywhere and like it…(at least for the first couple of times) Then after you hear it EVERYWHERE… Movie trailers, tv clips, girls singing in target…etc. You get tired and don’t want to hear about the artist at all. Maybe its just me? We get to a point that we generalize the artist to that one song that got viral and think that because  of that one song the rest of their music is probably going to be the same.

Sometimes this is true: that one song was actually the only one you truly like from the entire cd and already spent the money on it.

Then sometimes, there are pleasant surprises and you’re happy that you gave the artist a chance by listening to the rest of the cd. This happened to me a couple of days ago. Who’s tired of listening to Thrift Shop? I was on Spotify, bored and attempting to study for the LSAT that is in less than 20 days and decided to click on The Heist and listen to the other songs while I was mindlessly playing with my pen.

I was surprised. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis picked the less powerful song as their first single, it is catchy and a good song but is it a representation of their entire cd? No. Each song other than Thrift Shop has a message and its not like other artists that are rapping about prostitutes and ass, ass, ass, ass…- I actually heard a story within each song and I’m so happy I gave it a chance.

This is my most recent example of what happens when you explore an artist beyond that one popular song. I’ve had others, though I can’t remember them now.  I love hunting for new artists and new music all the time, I listen to everything and give everything a chance. You never know when you’ll find new interests.


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