#Postgradproblems: Part 1

In the past year I’ve had many people who have talked to me about how I’m in the best part of my life. I’m  young and full of live. Sure… it really doesn’t feel like that. It feels like I’m supposed to be living a different life from the one I am and everyday a part of me dies. HA.

I am a recent graduate (a year ago, so its been a while). I am still in my old summer job, because they kinda like me and kept me after I said I had graduated already. #Postgradproblems

With this job I’ve also had to face the constant questions and awkward smiles:

“Oh you graduated already? That’s nice” *smile* Probably thinking why are you in this job?

“You majored in what?” Now thinking- Oh that’s why.

“The economy is hard, right. Getting a job in that career path may be difficult.” *More awkward smiles* “Now help me checkout..and give me the coupon”

THANK YOU EVERYONE- who rubbed all of this in my face- you really helped my self esteem!!! You’d be surprised how many times I’ve had to answer the same questions. 

Who really knows what they’re doing with they’re life at 22? I go on LinkedIn (I don’t know why I have one) and see some people from my class who have actual jobs and are becoming so prepared to face anything in life (at least that is what it seems) and I’m still in a minimum-wage-dead-end job… This may be part of the reason why I lost positivity in the first place. Damn you LinkedIn! 

Anyways- this ended up being a very all over the place kinda rant. Hopefully we all learned some things: 1) If you talk to a recent graduate that may be in a low paying job- don’t ask questions that may turn into awkward smiles and “that’s nice” 2) Stay away from social medias that are very career oriented if you’re still in that awkward phase of your life where you don’t know where you’re going. Just don’t. 




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