Achievement Unlocked: Read a Comic Book

Comic books are permanently attached to being a geek and it is a guy thing. Right? Personally, I don’t know any girls that read comics but that may not be true. I’m obsessed with every superhero movie that has come out in the past couple of years and because of that I never wanted to read the comics. If you read a book before the movie, you ruin the movie. I’m just guessing that reading the comic would have the same outcome.

But…I was bored the other day and read a comic book (maybe more like 5). I really liked them, but then again I’m a geek. Even though, I’ll probably be judged for doing this comparison I have to. They have a lot of similarities with soap operas. Let me mention a couple that really stood out to me.

In a soap opera you have the main character, he or she goes through many difficulties (jail, pregnancy, amnesia) in order to achieve their final goal (which usually is marriage and finding love…) and in a comic book the main character goes through difficulties (jail, becoming evil, amnesia) in order to achieve their final goal (in this case its something about controlling their powers and becoming a good hero).

There is always a romantic link in a soap opera. There are so many pairings that you hope they end up together at the end and at the end after 100+ episodes you get that ending.  I’m not entirely sure about the comic books- but I was reading a issue with the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow and it was cheesy.

I’m not a big fan of soap operas so I have to give brownie points to comic books. The art in the books is amazing. I love the use of color in the images and the way the artist is able to present the character’s emotions through his or her drawing.

Cliffhangers. Need I say more? Obviously the soap opera episode ends in some version of ‘and then she was blamed for something she didn’t do.’ Boom… they want you to tune in again and continue to be hooked. Same is with the comic they want you to buy the next issue. The specific Winter Soldier issue I read ended with showing an image of who was behind all the evil plans. Boom.

I stopped reading them because they’re so short and easy to read I ended up spending about $30 in the span of 2 hours and let me tell you I’m a broke 20 something year old. Also…



Paying to Subscribe?

I’ve mentioned before how I am obsessed with Youtube. It is the number one tool to procrastinate, mindlessly waste time, sometimes you find some very artistic people and just envy their talent.

I came across the fact that youtube is planning to charge for subscriptions. I believe they are running a pilot with about 50 channels right now. I could rant forever about it but I found a video that basically describes all my thoughts on the subject. (Click Here)

As much as I love YouTube and finding funny and talented people I can’t imagine paying to see their videos, people who go on YouTube (myself included) go to procrastinate, waste some time or find a random tutorial about…well anything. Bottom line is that it is not a service that we NEED to have.

Questioning Creativity

I’ve always been fascinated with what is behind imagination and the process of creating something based on an idea you have. People dedicate their lives to be writers, artists, inventors all careers that are based on the idea of creating something out of thin air. How do people do this? I know its probably talent or some quality some of us lack, but how is it that they can dedicate their life to ‘creating’ and not run out of ideas? Yes, there’s writers block- but most overcome it and continue.

When I was a kid, I was artistic and had talent. I participated in national painting contests and won an award once. I say I had talent because now when I attempt to draw I fail miserably. I have a theory that if I would have pursued it further and not stopped when I was 15 or 16 I would still have talent. Is it possible that if you don’t use it, you loose it?

Then again, while I wrote my thesis in college I learned Van Gogh never painted until he was older but he knew he could paint. He knew it was in him to be good. (Such an understatement, Vincent)

This brings me back to my original idea. Where does creativity and imagination come from and how is it that people are able to live off their talent as creators?

Popular Songs Define the Artist?

Just like anyone else I love a catchy tune that gets stuck in my head and I need to purchase the song because its popular and because I hear it everywhere and like it…(at least for the first couple of times) Then after you hear it EVERYWHERE… Movie trailers, tv clips, girls singing in target…etc. You get tired and don’t want to hear about the artist at all. Maybe its just me? We get to a point that we generalize the artist to that one song that got viral and think that because  of that one song the rest of their music is probably going to be the same.

Sometimes this is true: that one song was actually the only one you truly like from the entire cd and already spent the money on it.

Then sometimes, there are pleasant surprises and you’re happy that you gave the artist a chance by listening to the rest of the cd. This happened to me a couple of days ago. Who’s tired of listening to Thrift Shop? I was on Spotify, bored and attempting to study for the LSAT that is in less than 20 days and decided to click on The Heist and listen to the other songs while I was mindlessly playing with my pen.

I was surprised. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis picked the less powerful song as their first single, it is catchy and a good song but is it a representation of their entire cd? No. Each song other than Thrift Shop has a message and its not like other artists that are rapping about prostitutes and ass, ass, ass, ass…- I actually heard a story within each song and I’m so happy I gave it a chance.

This is my most recent example of what happens when you explore an artist beyond that one popular song. I’ve had others, though I can’t remember them now.  I love hunting for new artists and new music all the time, I listen to everything and give everything a chance. You never know when you’ll find new interests.

“You suck…”

Inspiration for this post came along because I came across a blog post that didn’t like a Youtuber. He or she didn’t only not like but hate…and say because this person has a lot of subscribers then ‘God must not exist.’

It reminded me when I was 15 and was just learning about online forums, Youtube and other chats where you could share the type of music you like. (Yeah, sketchy online places- nonetheless I was entertained.) These sites would require you to fill out a profile, write down your tastes in music and any other hobbies you may have. Then you could join groups. This was my first interaction with: “You like that? That band/artist sucks.” “I hope he/she dies.”

Hater comments. Yes.

I’m the type of person who likes reading comments in a video I watch or reviews about anything really. I’d like for someone to explain to me why people take the time to write “You suck” (actually I’ve read worst things but they all essentially say the same.) Most of them have no rationale behind the hate.

1) If you hate it, then why are you watching/reading/listening to it.

2) Please tell me why you hate it and don’t reply because he or she is fat, gay or sucks. (Gay is not an insult, but it seems to be a to-go answer to many hater comments).

3) Going back to the blog post I read. I’m unsure how going to extremes helps your hate post. I realize it’s a blog post and I’m ranting as well, but its one thing to say “I don’t like what you do and don’t understand why you have followers,” than to say “If you have followers then God must not exist and the world is going to end…” No, that’s not what the quote said but that’s what a hater comment feels like to me.

4) This is the one that actually scares me. Why would you wish bad to someone you don’t know. I’ve read some comments of what I’m guessing are 12-15 year olds saying they wish *blank* dies or in this one instance I found a video that was dedicated to a drummer that passed and how “he deserved what he got.” Please explain to me how that is right? and how youtube didn’t flag this?

Ever since I had that first encounter online with the type of people that just love to troll to hate on videos, music, books, etc- I’ve been puzzled to understand why would you waste your time on this instead of doing something you like. I don’t know it may just be me.

New Social Media?

So the reason I have started this blog is because I don’t have the guts to Vlog…I am obsessed with Youtube and Youtubers who actually take the time to post and edit videos to post out there. Thank you 🙂

Youtube has become part of the New social media out there and the way you can notice is that this generation’s attention span can only last for about the duration of a youtube video. I highly doubt that anyone wants to watch tv and wait until the actual news come on or the segment when you find out about the actor that eloped during the weekend. In Youtube you can just search that AND you can scroll up to the part you actually want to see. Also, new television out there is of less quality every new season. Some of the shows I watch now (granted- I’m kinda behind on all of them: blame youtube and the LSAT) are shows that I know are crappy and all I can do is wait for the channel to replace them with a crappier version. Ex. Heroes Season 3/4 to Alphas. (Both cancelled…)

Now for my point, when I hear that reporters on TV cannot seem to understand the beauty of Youtubers and the way Youtube works…it really upsets me. Ok, so this is specifically about something that happened  about a month ago. (I think?) I just cannot understand why this divide is being created between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ social media. The Youtuber has connected with a younger generation and news…well.

Hello new generation.